Top 10 Filmmakers Who Redefined Modern Cinema

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Top 10 Filmmakers Who Redefined Modern Cinema

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Akira Kurosawa is an interesting case in film history, which stands in the crossing of classic and modern cinema. He has made films with both narratives and is influential and memorable for different reasons and for many of his films.

However, maybe the best case for understanding his influence and importance in further developing the grammar of cinema should be with “Rashomon” (1950). It’s the first film that earned him international acclaim and attention and is a milestone in modern storytelling; the now-familiar narrative is about a murder story told from different perspectives, and not only does it vary in details each time, but the film refuses to offer a solid ending or resolution in any of the versions.

Here lies the genius of Kurosawa as a master visual storyteller; in a film about uncertainty, the composition of each image and order of images both lead the audience to uncertainty, while it was an established convention of the classic cinema to lead the spectator toward unity and clarity. Kurosawa uses its images with compositions full of diagonal lines which go around the frame, and he depicts the murder in a forest covered in shades to create that underlying blurriness in the story through his images. ... rn-cinema/