10 Movie Directors Who Made More Than 5 Masterpieces

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10 Movie Directors Who Made More Than 5 Masterpieces

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One wonders if the British Hitchcock and Japan’s Kurosawa ever met and had a good talk (probably not)? Like Hitchcock, Kurosawa learned from the ground up in his native film industry (where he, unlike the emigrating Hitchcock, pretty much stayed throughout his long career). However, he didn’t start his career until long after the silent period (which did last far longer in Japan than other places) had ended.

He began his film making odyssey during the World War II years and matured in the somewhat chaotic but artistically fertile years that followed. Unlike Hitchcock, Kurosawa can’t be pinned to one genre. While four of the six films cited are period pieces, he was equally at home with stories of the modern world.

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